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The craft processes at Remains Lighting inevitably provide interesting variations and distinct markings on the living finishes and in the solid, natural materials from which we build our fixtures. Each of these distinguishing characteristics of artisanal metal and glasswork is a hallmark of a handmade Remains Lighting product.

Our custom, porcelain candlesleeves are unique to Remains Lighting and were inspired by the enduring quality of the glass and ceramic candlesleeves used by great makers of the past. Some certifications require metal candlesleeves which are also custom made and of highest quality.

We have our own polishing and electroplating departments under our roof and produce a nearly limitless range of hand tooled finishes of uncompromising quality. We anticipate that all our fixtures will change and take on slightly darker, aged patinas over time. We make all our fixtures with solid, real metal that changes and improves with age. All Remains Lighting finishes are termed “living finishes” because they are in constant dialog with their environment.

Each piece of our handmade glass is unique and shows the hand of the maker. We celebrate the bubbles, striations, threads, dimples and other evidence of the blowing and molding processes as well as slight variations in the thickness, shape, cut, polish and the hue and intensity of the color in our handmade glass.

All of our pottery and ceramics are handmade, and start with a natural clay base. We look for the unique and irreproducible character that both the ceramic forms and the glazes undergo in the firing process.

This sculptural material based on the properties of plant resins is hand-cast by our artisans, giving it natural variations in coloration and surface details.

We highlight the natural beauty and wide range of appearance in the grain, figuring, density and the way finishes appear in each piece of wood we use in our fixtures.